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The financial and investments world is “consumed” by common people the way the governments, hedge funds, and the individuals in position of power decide. This is nothing new. We have no voice and individually no power to confront them and fight for a change and more equal distribution of wealth and rights. Looking into the recent case of the Reddit-fueled GameStop rally of gaming enthusiasts and/or individuals who just got sick and tired of hedge funds’ manipulation and oppression, we have witnessed a historic event of the crowd beating the “institution“ in their own stocks game.

Although an isolated case, the GameStop story can easily turn into a revolution. This is more than evident from the response of the hedge fund elite who is requesting for new regulations being imposed with the ultimate goal of preventing the commoners-crowd from taking the power into their hand again. Calling it out as the crowd manipulation and speculation case, solely for the reason of crowd benefiting and hedge funds getting lighter by millions of dollars.

Now, let us get real, this is exactly the way hedge funds are operating and producing wealth for the highly privileged minority, making them untouchable and further deepening the already enormous gap between the classes. But we can finally change this.


Wikinvesting is a non-profit, game-changing movement which aims to round up all those individuals who believe that unbiased financial market information and knowledge should be extensively available to everyone. We believe that by creating a strong community of content writers, active or aspiring traders and investors, with or without financial background and all those individuals willing to contribute to the cause, together we will be able to nurture and lead many more cases similar to GameStop and all for the purpose of creating a more even and balanced world-level trading and investing conditions.

How is that so?

As previously mentioned, so far the investment market has been dominated by hedge funds, institutions and individuals of power. Even though the share prices should be generally influenced by companies' development and progress along with various external factors, more often than not the aforementioned entities were the ones who were in large responsible for setting the price trends or plainly put- price-value manipulation. If they decided, they could in short or long period of time manipulate the share prices to take the upward or downward trend which does not correspond to the true value of the particular company and is by no means the indicator of company's health. On the other hand, the "little-guy investors" were either pushed into a forced sale position or if they were lucky enough to ride the same "hedge-fund manufactured wave", they could come out of it with somewhat reinforced portfolios. The GameStop story has thought us that small investors do have the power, as long as they are ready to "fight back", hence the balance of power can be achieved on the market.


No. Wikinvesting by no means tends to cater for share-market price manipulation, no matter which side is causing it. The sole purpose of Wikinvesting is to make the prime information available as soon as possible and hence help investors make the most informative decisions possible. In addition, Wikinvesting is here to develop a unique trading/investing knowledge hub and become a go-to place for all those who are already a part of financial-investing world and those who wish to enter it.


We are a team of 6 financial markets enthusiasts who gathered around the Wikinvesting project which is powered by the MediaWiki platform. The decision to base the project on an open source platform came from our deep belief that knowledge and information especially that which is driving the investment decisions of hedge-funds should be publicly available.

The ultimate goal of Wikinvesting is to provide the equal investment opportunities to everybody and we believe we can achieve this by becoming the biggest financial/investment source of information and this is where all of you come into play. By creating content and sharing information and knowledge on financial markets, brokers, stocks, news reviews, companies and their portfolios and movements on the market, we will become the only financial socially-powered hub in the world.


All those who want to contribute to our community, either in writing, advice, ideas or any other way or form of sharing knowledge are more than welcome to do so. For the purpose of protecting our users, we will be vetting the content against the strict criteria. In addition, as we are focusing solely on the financial/investing sector, there will be no off-limit topics, but as our community grows so will our responsibility to deliver only the high quality information and knowledge content which can benefit everyone.


Open source projects are usually accepting donations which are used for maintenance purposes. However, Wikinvesting plans on supporting its members and contributors as well. Therefore, all the funds collected through donations will be awarded to maintenance as well as our contributors on the merit basis. This is the only form of payment Wikinvesting will ever accept. Other than that, Wikinvesting is considered a fully philanthropic project.